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R&B singer Ray J has come forward to set straight rumours he is gay - insisting the stories were started by a snubbed contestant on his reality TV dating show.Monica Danger, who appeared on his VH1 series For the Love of Ray J, sparked speculation about the star's sexuality in a recent radio interview, alleging Ray J has been dating rapper Young Buck. Ray, I love you, I respect you, but you are selling me everywhere. I'm really mad too." But the singer has dismissed Danger's claims, accusing her of creating the stories after he failed to return her calls.'The main symptom of detachment is a large blank area in your vision that won't go away, which may be associated with flashing lights or a general fuzziness. Here are excerpts from the conversation: On diminished feelings for Ray J: I didn’t really have the same feelings for him [on the finale] because he was sleeping with Cocktail. On being portrayed as unstable: [Viewers] don’t see what I’m going through on the show. So if you see an end result and not the cause, of course it’s going to be weird.'What you're actually seeing are shadows cast by rogue strands of collagen.These form part of the vitreous jelly which maintain the eye's shape, but they can pull free from the edge of the jelly and float harmlessly across the field of vision.I feel like I can connect with people, and I’m glad that’s part of my personality. It was obvious that I wasn’t there to date him just because he’s famous.

I've been with a lot of women but I'm ready to get out.Country Megaticket is the hottest country music festival including Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, Miranda Lambert and Sugarland take to the stage to bring what is sure to be the most existed experience of the year for country music fans!Floaters are a normal part of everyone's vision and usually nothing to worry about, says Dr Blakeney.I'm trying to rearrange my life in a way to feel happy and fulfilled.'I used to think, why can't I wake up and be ecstatic today. I'm in a great place this year, where you start accepting yourself.'Alexa says that the shock of her hospitalisation helped bring her closer with her divorced parents.'It's important for me to feel that the three of us are a family.I e-mail them both together a lot, saying, "Hey, Mom and Pop."'It's times like last year when you're happy that your parents have a friendship.'Now Joel says she is 'happily single' and is enjoying life in New York once again.'I couldn't have said that last year.

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He tells Allhiphop.com, "I still got love for Danger, that's one of my peoples (sic).

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  1. Cusack's Survivor: Vanuatu bio states she was dating a woman named Crissy. However, in an interview, Cusack stated "I'm not gay. I still love her, and she's my closest friend today." In a 2008 interview with After Ellen, Cusack also said: "Oh gosh, I don't know.